The Global Adizes Convention in Monterrey

On July 22-29, 2017 The Global Adizes Convention took place in Monterrey, Mexico. Convention were attended by over than 65 participants, representing Adizes associates, companies internal integrators and partners.

During the Convention a number of issues, related towards methodology have been discussed and analysed.

The final point of the Convention was “Leadership sumit”, attended by over 70 top leaders and industrialists from Monterrey, Guadalajara and other cities in Mexico and US.

The Founder of Adizes Institute, Dr. Ichak Adizes made a Lecture via zoom from Azerbaijan, which was greatly accepted by participants.

Adizes Convention was another important step in developing Adizes methodology globally.


New cohort of Change Leaders IN KIEV

On July 7-8th, 2017 Managing Director of Adizes Institute (USA) for Baltic States, Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas, had the third interactive training at MIM-Kiev, Ukraine, on Changes Management, which was the last module of the joint program between AGS and MIM-Kiev, the leading Business School in Ukraine. During all three modules (6 days) the owners and executives from various business companies learned, how by using Adizes methodology they can understand their company’s dynamics, design the effective decision-making processes, as well as to achieve better implementation of decisions. The concepts and tools learned, have been implemented in their final written work theses. coque iphone outlet shop Theses were written using the real cases of their own companies. The last day of the Program has been finalized with ceremony of the Certificates of Completion delivery. The documents were signed by the authorities of both Institutions. coque samsung a8 2018 Coque iPhone 6S Kiev 2017-07-08_09mazesne


On May 12-13th, 2017 Managing Director of Adizes Institute (USA) for Baltic States, Dr. coque iphone for sale Virginijus Kundrotas, had second interactive training at MIM-Kiev, Ukraine, on Changes Management and it’s implementation. coque samsung s8 Training took 2 days, during which managers and owners from different companies had possibility to learn more about changes in their organizations. Participants had intensive discussions and practical work for better understanding how to act in fast changing environment, how to make team work more effective and manage conflicts. This training is the second module of the joint program between AGS and MIM-Kiev, the leading Business School in Ukraine. The third module will take place in July, 2017. 20170331_101616


On April 26th – 28th, 2017 Managing Director of Adizes Institute (USA) for Baltic States, Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas, presented in annual BMDA conference, which took place in Donja Gorica, Montenegro. Coque pour Huawei The unique event combined research activities on the topic: “You don’t have to be big to be successful”. The conference attracted more than 70 participants from 16 countries. Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas together with one of AGS faculty members and certified Adizes associate Dr. Zvezdan Horvat presented Adizes Methodology and discussed with conference participants about the Founder’s Trap in the organizations and how to cope with it. coque huawei pas cher 20170427_171346

Graduation Ceremony at Adizes Graduate School

On the 22nd of February, 2017 the Graduation Ceremony took place at Adizes Graduate School (AGS), Santa Barbara, California.

The Chairman and Founder of the AGS , Dr. Coque huawei Outlet I. Adizes and Managing Director of Adizes Institute (USA) Lithuania, Dr. Coque pour Huawei V. Kundrotas delivered the Diplomas for those, who completed their programs at AGS.

The number of students were given Certificates in Clinical Symbergetic Organizational Management and Transformation. Few other graduates were receiving Master degrees in Clinical Symbergetic Organizational Management and Transformation.

The final accord was the graduation of two Doctors of AGS. Darrell B. Gooden received the degree “Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Transformation” and Shimon M. Rojany – the degree “ Doctor of Symbergetic Organizational Transformation”.

The Ceremony and dinner were attended by the faculty and staff as well as students of Adizes Graduate School as well as their family members.

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Managing Director of Adizes Institute (USA) Lithuania in Global Forum

On the 12th-14th of January, 2017, Managing Director of Adizes Institute (USA) Lithuania, Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas participated in the Global Business and Management congress – Gaidar Forum, which took place in Moscow, Russia. The Gaidar Forum provides a unique intellectual platform and a meeting point for theorists and practitioners, the world leading scientists and politicians and influential representatives of global financial and business elites. In the Russian media the Gaidar Forum has built a solid reputation of “the Russian Davos Forum”, as in terms of the status of its participants and experts it is one of the top world economic conferences. On the 13th of January Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas participated as a speaker in the discussion “Business Schools in Dynamically Developing Societes: Identification Of Management Models and Challenges of Eurasian Integration”. .facebook_1484292376888 .facebook_1484292407154 ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

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—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– SPREADING CHANGE MANAGEMENT COMPETENCES IN MOSCOW On December 16-18, 2016 Managing Director of Adizes Institute (USA) Lithuania, Dr. coque samsung 2018 Virginijus Kundrotas conducted interactive training for 2 groups of Executive MBA students of International Business School at RANEPA, Moscow. The CEOs and owners of various business companies, heads of various Governmental agencies, and leaders of other institutions during the 3 day training explored the methodology how to understand their organizations better and analyze their dynamics, how to make the right decisions and implement them efficiently, how to build the complementary teams and how to manage conflicts in fast changing environment. They also went through examples of practical implementation of Adizes methodology in organizational transformation process. virginijus maskva 2virginijus maskva 1   ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- MANAGING DIRECTOR OF ADIZES INSTITUTE LITHUANIA DELIVERED THE AWARDS TO THE BEST BUSINESS SCHOOLS IN PERTH, AUSTRALIA On November 28th, 2016, Managing director of Adizes Institute Lithuania and member of International Scientific Committee of EDUNIVERSAL, Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas delivered the EDUNIVERSAL Excellence Awards to the 3 Best Business Schools of Central and East Europe. This took place at the Eduniversal World Convention in Perth, Australia, which gathered together 184 leaders and representatives of Business Schools from countries all around the world. This year the best 3 Business schools in the Area were Graduate School of Management at St. Petersburg University (1st place), the University of Economics in Prague (2nd place) and Faculty of Management at University of Warszaw (3rd place). Coque pour Huawei Eduniversal is the Global Ranking & Rating Agency (France), defining the top 1000 Business Schools from 154 countries in 9 geographical zones. More on Eduniversal could be found at IMG_7356 MANAGING DIRECTOR OF ADIZES INSTITUTE LITHUANIA MODERATED THE PANEL AT THE EDUNIVERSAL WORLD CONVENTION On November 29th, 2016, Managing director of Adizes Institute Lithuania, Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas moderated the session at the Eduniversal World Convention in Perth, Australia, on the topic: „Innovating to Meet Tomorrow’s Learning and Teaching Challenges“. The participants of the panel session were discussing issues in connection with long versus short term strategy of Business schools, changing demands from the market, necessity to develop the forms of learning, and other important issues. The participants of the session were experienced Deans and Directors of Business Schools from India, Australia, France, Poland, USA and Switzerland. More on the session and whole program could be found at IMG_3762 IMG_3763 PARTICIPATION AT THE MONTENEGRO. coque samsung s8+ Economists development forum.

September 13, 2016 Managing Director of Adizes Institute Lithuania, Dr. coque samsung s7 pas cher Virginijus Kundrotas, made a speach at the Milocer development forum in Montenegro on the topic of “Education for Sustainable development”. Dr. V. coque samsung pas cher Kundrotas pointed out the importance of awarenes of education what needs it should serve and what ultimate purpose it has in order to assure sustainable development. He stressed the needs (short and long term) of the students as a client of education and paid attention to the importance of helping students to be aware of it. The Forum has been attended by more than 200 managers, economists, ministers of the Montenegro government, professors and students from various universities of Montenegro. coque samsung s8 The Prime minister of Montenegro, Mr. Milo Dukanovic, also took part and spoke in the Forum.

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2nd Cohort Graduates: joint AGS / MIM-Kiev Change Management Program

On July 16, 2016, Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas, Head of Adizes Institute Lithuania and Dean of Adizes Graduate School (USA), examined the final papers from the Change Management Program’s second cohort of graduating students. The second program was launched after participants in the first cohort, last year in Kiev, gave their experience very high evaluations.

This year, eighteen executives from various companies and organizations in the Ukraine took part in a six-month comprehensive program focused on how to manage in environments subject to rapidly changing influences on global and local levels. Five participants defended their final paper with outstanding results, and were awarded the joint Certificate of Completion from Adizes Graduate School and MIM-Kiev.

The Change Management Program was designed jointly by academic and business professionals at both Adizes Graduate School and MIM-Kiev. It has provided participants with competences in organizational management, finance, project management, marketing, and additional strategic advantages highly critical in today’s business world.

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26 Donbassenergo Executives Enjoy Adizes Change Management Training

On July 17, 2016, the Head of Adizes Institute Lithuania and Dean of Adizes Graduate School (USA), Dr. coque imprimé huawei pas cher Virginijus Kundrotas, delivered a full-day training for 26 executives from the Donbassenergo company. Samsung coque a8 The training took place in Kiev as a part of longer MBA program at MIM-Kiev. Participants had expressed a specific wish to learn Adizes methodology and some of them travelled more than 24-hours in order to take part in the training.

The event started with welcome video created especially for participants by Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes, founder of the methodology. Participants in the training enjoyed educational lectures and discussions regarding how to make effective decisions and how to implement decisions efficiently in a fast changing organizational environment. The participants expressed a high degree of satisfaction with their learning experiences this day.


Strategic development meeting in Santa Barbara

On June 7-8, 2016 the main executives of Adizes Institutes gathered together to discuss the further development. During the 2 days session the participants of the meeting explored various possibilities of Adizes Institutes expansion as well as discussed how it would be best to satisfy customers and partners institutions. A lot of important strategic decisions have been made and new steps for Adizes Institute in Lithuania development have been decided. In the picture Creator and Founder of Adizes Institute (USA), Dr. Ichak Adizes together with Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas, the Head of Adizes Institute in Lithuania.  


Training in Gdansk

On June 2-3, 2016, the Head of Adizes Institute in Lithuania, Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas, conducted the two days training program on Leadership and Change management in Gdansk. He provided the theory and practice of Adizes Change management program. After the presentation participants had unique possibility to discuss with Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas, he answered to the numerous questions of the audience. offre coque huawei

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————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– Adizes Institute Lithuania is an official subdivision of Adizes Institute (USA), located in Lithuania. coque samsung s8 The main headquarter of Adizes methodology is located in Carpinteria, California. Dr. Coque huawei Outlet Virginijus Kundrotas is managing director of Adizes Institute Lithuania. This institute provide consulting services about changes management, based on Adizes methodology. This includes open seminars and trainings for managers, but also internal training and companies consulting.

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